P.C. & MAC Meeting's are on the 2nd Thursday this time on April 9th 1:00 to 4:00pm at the First Church Of The Nazarene see highlighted below in yellow. The Advanced MAC Meeting is on the 3rd Thursday of the Month in Ashland on April 16th from 1-4Pm at the Rivergate Church check the Meeting Page clicker for Map's. There is only "ONE" P.C. Meeting now, until further notice. The rooms we are occupying at the Church are Macs in Room 113 and P.C.s in 114.












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Things are changing with the club, did you know we have moved to the First Church Of The Nazarene 1974 E. Mc Andrews, Ave, W. Side of Campus, Macs in Room 113 and PC's in 114

.: Welcome to our Web Site:  We are a small group of Seniors with an avid desire to learn the correct use of computers. So the web site has been a growing process of putting together a more complex site as we grow. There are classes held here at the First Church Of The Nazarene with hands on teaching, for beginners and intermediate learners. Come join us and find out just what we have going on. We have wireless for all so we can get online with any computer with a wireless laptop. I have a desktop with wired Ethernet setup e-mail Live for those who need help with it, sometimes we have surprising e-mails to view we can help with cleaning the e-mails. I also have a Linux computer running Linux Ubuntu Version 12.10 to learn just for fun. I am an Amateur running it but hope to learn more as I go along. Anyone with a desire to teach linux is welcome to help out as I am not the one to teach it yet but can show it off, anyway I only know the basics about how to use it. I have bought a new computer recently and it is running Ubuntu Version 12.10 and it is really fast.

 .: Beginning MAC Classes in Ashland :.  

  Just a note to let you know the Ashland Meeting will be held at the Rivergate in Ashland at the Sanctuary. The Meeting place is in the back near the Fireplace. 
Visit our Ashland Web Site Developed by Mike is at http://sites.google.com/site/senioraces/ they have a link to us so please visit often.
We have a Beginner's meeting in Ashland at the Rivergate Church on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at 1:00pm to 1:45pm Advanced at 2:00 to 4:00pm. For the Regular Mac Meeting's location use the map in the Meetings Page its a google maps link. 

 .:Ashland Meeting's :. 

 .:   04/07/14 Mac meeting reminder & topics  

Hi Everyone,

This is a Senior Aces iPad meeting reminder. If you have any questions or input about the meetings or club activities please reply back to this message or send your comments to senioraces@gmail.com
  if you know anyone else who wouldlike to receive these reminders please let Mike know at the e-mail above.

Use this  link  to find out pertinent info  such as dates and times and locations of upcoming events - mostly regular workshop meetings. You can findtime here too. 



At 1:00pm we will have a 30 minute Senior ACES board meeting. Any ACES member is welcome to attend.

This week in Medford our meeting will take place on Thursdey April 10th the second Thursday of the month, beginning at 1:30 pm.

The Topic this month is iPad and iOS. As usual we will start with questions and answers. After that we will discuss some built in features and several different common apps. If you know someone who is an iPad owner, please let them know about this meeting.

Joyce Tonkin, instructor of the "Beginning Mac" class at our Ashland meetings, has an email address where she will answer beginner Macintosh questions. The address is beginmac@gmail.com  Send your questions there. Thank you Joyce, for providing this great service.

Let me know if you have any criticisms or input about this email. Please come and enjoy the beginners class. As always, bring your questions and Mac topics for discussion. I hope to see you there. Mike

  Thanks to all who volunteer to host a teaching session and also for those who came to demonstrate new products, we appreciate your participation.

 .: Medford Meeting's :.  

 .: 12/03/14 Windows 7 and Maybe even 8 Done by George.

 George will be doing his regular question and answer session's. He has a screen so everyone can see what he is doing enlarged. We are trying to make more stuff to see and get answers to. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Thanks go to Sharon May for the suggestion as to what George is teaching. He has been doing sessions about just anything you can think of... what a setup he goes through each meeting. He has been really an asset to the ACES for years. He makes sure the Computers are up and running he has  a set hard disks for different programs so he can just turn the computer from MAC or a Windows version just ask him or come and see what is on his agenda for the session, sometimes he uses 4 monitors plus the Projector so he can see what is going on with his computer... problems he can fix it so it is back working.

I have been using Linux for awhile but still a work in progress for me. I can replace a hard drive for a different program like Linux Ubuntu or Linux Mint for starters. I am not having having any problems with my wireless now. I called Netgear to find out what was my problem and it was that the external flash drive will not work with Linux so I bought a external wireless adapter from Netgear then all is well. It even works at the Church.

I am using a New Web Generating program called Kompozer its a free Linux program and it is quite hard to change to. I was using Front Page for years and its gone by the wayside, I will not be using Windows any more.

At the First Church of the Nazarene 1974 Mc Andrews just east of the Providence Medical Center go to the Map on the Meetings page and bring up the new map there it's not a pdf file either. It is a link to google maps great access there can see all the neighborhood there birds eye view.
Contact Person: Paul Johnson @ (541) 664 5103 He is also the Treasurer. 
  I can help out with your e-mails if time allows. I am a stickler when it comes to e-mails and security of addresses in your outgoing mail from Outlook and Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey etc., e-mail clients as they are called. There is a way to keep the addresses of your friends and your e-mails more secure. I will show how to you clean up your outgoing e-mails so that others e-mail addresses are more secure you really have no permission to ADVERTISE those e-mails ( because you forget I am guilty of it also at times ) all over the world if you are leaving their addresses in your outgoing e-mails. Sometimes I screw up and send out addresses by mistake so you really have to watch your outgoing e-mail box before you decide to send them on and ( you just "DONT just click FORWARD" ) and leave all those addresses in your ( outgoing sent e-mail box ), then you are asking for it ( and  so are your down-line recipients ).
 There are unscrupulous people out there who want to take yours and others "ACTIVE" e-mail addresses and make money from them and send you and your friends garbage e-mails over and over so they can make easy money from you and them. 
They also would and could send a Virus, Trojan or Adware and also of course garbage e-mails with it. Then all your friends may have to take their computers to a computer guru to have them removed if you are not up to date with your Anti-Virus program.
You need to scan your computer every time you get an update do you ever do that usually most people don't, that makes you and your downline friends if you haven't removed them from your outgoing e-mails  they have to be in your Bcc box or they could be vulnerable to new Viruses, Trojans or Ad-Ware, also garbage e-mails too, especially if you have heard that there is a virus going around.     
 You should do a FULL scan of your computer at least once a month if there are viruses going around then even sooner maybe even weekly or daily. 

 To clean my Windows Computer before I shut it down I use ccleaner it's a download from http://www.download.com there should be a shortcut to it on your desktop it should be used anytime you shut it down, I also have another program it's called disk cleanup a very useful program. My old Win XP Computer really need's it so I use it all the time. I use the windows XP Computer to do my web page right now.
This does keep my old computer working much better, it will keep it from slowing up. Also it should also be on a schedule for defragment monthly. If you have a very large Hard Drive then it could take hours, if it has not been defragmented for a long time. 

 I always store my data files on a thumb drive instead of storing it on the internal hard drive leaves you space on it. Data should always be sent to a External Hard Drive or thumb drive's, 2 or more for safekeeping easier than using a CD-RW but really won't hurt to have more backup. Lots safer to have them there in case of a crash. You have all your important stuff there instead. You could even use a Cloud Drive or other safe place to store those very important hard to replace pictures. You should have more than one place to store your irreplaceable pictures on a CD, with a friend, etc. My Windows computer is a really OLD one but still works for now. I am really working it too it has a Scanner hooked to it and it works good enough. I tried it with my wireless setup and also worked with it but my wireless is very slow 3 megabit download so I use my Ethernet instead and that's lots better in speed.


  Thanks for your participation here at the ACES. There is always something to learn here or you can try your hand at teaching also. Visitors are always welcome, for a couple of free trials.  Then you need to pay if you want to come to the meetings. The price its very reasonable $25 bucks for single or 30 bucks for couple that includes a years worth of help.


  01/22/13 I just installed the newest Linux Ubuntu Version 12.10  a totally new upgrade it now has a Doc like the MAC's do now and have had for quite awhile. The upgrade really changed the screen and the way you get to your files. I am still getting used to the totally new system structure. I had to install a new video card but the video card needs more memory not only 256 megs but maybe 1 gig or more to make it run faster again. I think that the video card is holding up the graphics I need with the new program. I just called Rob at Upper Case Computer Solutions he says I need a new computer if I want to make the new Linux program come alive. He wants to make me a deal...? This version is like upgrading to Windows 7 or 8. The program is free but the computer isn't...! 
So now I bought a new one from Upper Case Computer Solutions. They even have cards for your old computer if you have the expertise in putting them to use in your OLD computer and their prices are good $3.00 for each cash and carry no returns. I have installed a video card in one of my Linux Computers and lo and behold it worked and is in use saved some bucks right there for awhile.
  I just found a completely new Linux Program called Zorin latest Version is 6 its a lot faster program as they say. Its been out just a few months and can run Widows and MAC programs too and it's FREE unless you want the Premium Program.
  A computer with a Digital Hard Drive with 4 Gigs of Ram and a decent Video Card and that computer will blow your socks off. You can buy this computer at Upper Case Computer Solutions here in Medford and cheaper than you think. I just did and just love the less than 15 second boot time also the computer weighs approx., 10 pounds and never gets even warm out of the fan outlet. I guess it could be said that its really efficient, in other words very green. 
 My thanks go to Paul Johnson for bringing in his clearwire modem, where we can then hook it up to the wireless router then everyone can use the internet if they have a wireless laptop etc., Computer. We even could even have a Ethernet connection for 4 others to use if need be. Bring your CAT 5 cables if you want to use our Ethernet connection. 
:. 08/13/13 The wireless that Paul Johnson has been bringing in the clearwire wireless modem is going away, now we need to use the wireless system the Church has. The MAC group seems to not have any problems with it.
We just got it going last week so George can use it for the PC's now. I will be trying to get it working with my system next month.
  I have been learning Linux Ubuntu Version 12.10 its quite a program it really does not look at all like Windows except it uses some of the ideas windows has in their operating system like the screen saver but that's where it looks even different even there. 
  Some of the clickers for like shutting it down are on the top right side instead of lower left side. I just upgraded to a newer version Version 12.10 again it is FREE to download and the clickers are different now they are in the left upper part of the desktop I am running like their word processor etc., Lots more clickers are on top like the sounds and the video clickers are there if you want them there. I like it first because its so easy to install it finds all of the drivers for cards you have physically plugged in. 
  If you want to try it out only you can do a Dual-Boot in other words you can try it out first running it in "RAM" only, not on the Hard Drive and if you want to install it later you can if you want at anytime, also you can run both systems on your drive and not have to put it on a separate drive. You also can run it from a thumb drive too or even a memory card used for a camera. Linux has a program that is only 128 megs total in size called Linux Puppy not like the Windows XP at about 600megs in size before putting any programs in. 
  Mind you it's really not for rank Amateurs though it's really quite different from Windows. I just tried it first from RAM and ran it there for several months before I installed it totally on a dedicated drive in the computer I have now. I have another OLD computer with a dual-boot setup and it is really running fairly well with it's "OLD" 900 Megahertz Microprocessor with only 500 megabytes of "RAM" the most it can run in ram with that computer, although it can also use the space within your hard drive temporarily a temp space that can be changed too.
.: Our Society :.
 If you need to get rid of some of your excess electronics click here 

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